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Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank offers a variety of private student loans to suit your needs including Graduate and Undergrad loan products.

What does Citizens Bank offer?

On their website, Citizens features two main loan products. They offer a basic private student loan for students and a new product offering which is a private student loan for parents. Here is a comparison chart of these loans including interest rates, borrowing amounts, and repayment terms:

Citizens Bank Student Loan Products

Unlike federal student loan programs or the federal Parent PLUS loans, the Citizens Bank student loans off numerous advantages when compared to the federal student loan program.

Student Loans for Students

The Citizens Bank Student Loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students. With an average fee savings of $604 our student loan is a better alternative to Federal Direct PLUS Loans.

Qualified borrowers even have access to a simplified, streamlined process to request funds in subsequent years. Learn more…

Student Loans for Parents

When considering financial options for college, it’s important to compare both federal and private student loans. Many parents opted for the Federal Direct PLUS Loan because it offered better rates than most private student loan options. However, the new Citizens Bank Student Loan for Parents has better rates for parents with a strong credit history. Also, it charges no origination fee, which can lead to potential monthly savings of $627 when compared to the Federal Direct PLUS Loan.

With a college degree, your child can achieve their dreams and learn skills that will last a lifetime. Parent loans can help you pay for college expenses. Learn more…

Loan Features

  • Interest Rate Discounts
  • Zero Application Fees
  • Submit documents electronically
  • Loans from $1,000 to $170,000

Application Process

The application process is simple and straightforward. Once approved, select your term and repayment option. Then upload the required documentation, sign your loan documents, and simply wait for disbursement.

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