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Student loans are a serious burden! Here are some helpful resources to manage your debt and hopefully save you some money along the way. There are differences between federal and private student loans and how they can be managed and refinanced. Start your journey here to eliminate your student loan debt.

Student Loan Refinance

Student Loan Refinance Lenders – List of banks and lenders for federal and private loan refinance

Student Loan Articles

Loan repayment assistance programs have emerged to help law school graduates.

Take into consideration how manageable your student debt load will be while in grad school and beyond.

Student loan default makes homebuying tricky, but there are steps borrowers can take.

If you have federal student loans with fixed interest rates, you won't be affected by any Federal Reserve rate hikes.

February 20, 2019, 4:42 pm
Borrowers should avoid student loan debt relief agencies that require upfront fees.

Consider enrolling in or remaining on an income-driven repayment plan when returning to college after a break.

Public school teachers whose grants were converted to unsubsidized loans can now apply for reconsideration.

Borrowers may be able to reduce how much they owe in taxes if they paid student loan interest last year.