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Student loans are a serious burden! Here are some helpful resources to manage your debt and hopefully save you some money along the way. There are differences between federal and private student loans and how they can be managed and refinanced. Start your journey here to eliminate your student loan debt.

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Student Loan Refinance Lenders – List of banks and lenders for federal and private loan refinance

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January 15, 2020, 3:07 pm
There is a life cycle of federal student loan funding, from Congressional approval to borrower repayment.

These tips can help you manage your student loans whether you're in school, about to graduate, in repayment or planning to return to school.

There are alternatives to filing for bankruptcy if you default on your student loans.

There are several ways to help a borrower repay student loans this holiday season.

Understanding this concept can help borrowers avoid inadvertently increasing their total student loan balance.

It's difficult but not completely impossible to have student loan debt discharged after filing for bankruptcy.

Student loan rehabilitation may be a good option if you've defaulted on your federal student loans, but you can only use it once.

There are options to temporarily stop making payments on student loans, but be sure to weigh them carefully.