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Student loans are a serious burden! Here are some helpful resources to manage your debt and hopefully save you some money along the way. There are differences between federal and private student loans and how they can be managed and refinanced. Start your journey here to eliminate your student loan debt.

Student Loan Refinance

Student Loan Refinance Lenders – List of banks and lenders for federal and private loan refinance

Student Loan Articles

It's important to know the lender or servicer that manages each loan, experts say.

Here's what borrowers need to know about the government's proposals, including for loan forgiveness.

Nonprofit credit agencies can offer affordable student loan counseling.

Corinthian Colleges accounts for the majority of borrower defense claims, according to one report.

Momentum is building for new rules that would make it easier to discharge federal student loans during bankruptcy.

Borrowers looking to earn reward points should consider the risks associated with using a credit card for student loan payments.

Choosing the right federal student loan repayment plan may help keep your loans in good standing.

Student loans are meant for qualified educational expenses, such as tuition and living costs.